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Patient Comments From our Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

"Everything was great. ... My sister [also] had surgery and the results were great! ... I'm very happy!"

"Thank you (for doing more than your "job"). Your kindness and patience, your gentle and caring ways are appreciated more than words can describe."

"Dr. Nachbar answered my questions and explained everything using terminology that I could understand. He was also very patient with my long list of questions and did not rush me. ... I had requested information and set up consultations with other surgeons, but after visiting Dr. Nachbar's office I had no need to go through with the other consultations. Dr. Nachbar's qualifications, along with his easy-going, professional attitude, allowed me to feel completely at ease making the decision to choose him as my surgeon."

"Dr. Nachbar had done more surgeries, he was not as intimidating, and I felt comfortable asking any kind of question. Nicole helped me feel more confident about the surgery, too!"

"When I'd think of questions later, Nicole or someone else was always available to answer them. ... Everyone is friendly, compassionate, and makes you feel very special."

"Exceeded my expectations ... I had a breast lift and augmentation. I'm extremely happy and feel like a new woman!!"

"Dr. Nachbar and staff made me feel like I was at home. ... They were all extremely pleasant and helpful ... Dr. Nachbar was great! ... Thank you all sooo much!!!!"

"The staff and doctor were informative and comforted my every question. ... The pre-op package was great! ... I am happy I made the decisions I did and would do the same again ... he was wonderful!"

"Dr. Nachbar took ample time to answer all my questions and concerns. In addition, he clearly went over all the possible risks. ... Dr. Nachbar's accreditation was very important to me. I felt confident in his extensive background in the field. ... The brochure and letters were informative, but I found the web site to be most informative (that's second to Dr. Nachbar, of course) ... I was very impressed with the pre-operative package. It really helped calm my nerves in the days before the surgery.."

"All were great and kind"

"I felt very comfortable in your office. Everyone was very pleasant to talk to. I have and will continue to tell everyone I know about how nice my experience was in your office."

"Dr. Nachbar was very knowledgeable and was not "rushed" for time."

"It was nice to have the [pre-operative] package to go back and refer to even a few weeks after surgery."

"Dr. Nachbar answered all the questions I could think of & told me what to expect."

"[The staff] were very honest while answering my questions and could add to it because of their experience with surgery."

"The pre-op package was very helpful in explaining what I could expect during the surgery and afterward. I felt well prepared!"

"I feel better about my body than I have ever felt!"

"Dr. Nachbar and his staff made this nothing but a positive experience!"

"You have one of the nicest office staffs I have ever dealt with."

"I liked Dr. Nachbar's personality and professionalism."

"Very happy. There were no surprises."

"I was very impressed with the staff & your willingness to be sure I was ready to have my surgery. It was incredibly helpful to have as many visits as I needed to help me make my decision."

"I love the result. I'm very happy. ... Dr. Nachbar was wonderful throughout the whole experience."

"Dr. Nachbar was so caring & made me feel so at ease. I was never rushed & had all my questions answered. ... I think all of you did a wonderful job. I felt comfortable & very pleased with my results."

"You are all very fine people. Your office is a pleasure to visit as it is friendly and professional, as well as an organized front desk."

"I think you have perfected the area of making a patient feel comfortable. Well done!"

"The office was very personal, knowledgeable & friendly."

"Wonderful. Very, very pleased."

"I considered another Plastic Surgery office because of lack of information and research. By the time I reached your office I had already called quite a number of surgeons and was more informed. I was the most impressed with Dr. Nachbar."

"I thought the package & information were very helpful. I understood the process a lot more & was less nervous than I would have been without any information."

"I'm very happy"

"I was impressed with Dr. Nachbar's time & patience in answering my questions."

"Booklet was very thorough & informative - professional"

"I love my results - I am appreciative of Dr. Nachbar's quality & responsibility of medicine in meeting my needs/outcomes vs. not putting me at medical risk"

"I have given recommendations to a friend & my PCP loved the results & I gave him your name."

"Your office met all my concerns & questions. Very friendly, cooperative. Never felt I was asking stupid or unreasonable questions. Very professional & personal."

"2 of my friends have consultations"

"I have never been treated so nicely"

"The Dr. did a great job - actually I have recommended him to a friend of mine ... she wants a tummy tuck and a breast implant"

"Upon meeting Dr J. Nachbar I was impressed with his professional and knowledgeable manner - subsequent meetings with Dr. Nachbar and his excellent staff confirmed my initial response and decision - My deepest appreciation to all"

"A fine & talented surgeon - excellent!"

"Very pleased"

"Dr. Nachbar impressed me with his candor, experience, professionalism and openness to my questions. You listened! [My first consultation was with another Doctor at a multispecialty center.] I waited three weeks to see the Dr. and he spent only 10 minutes with me. He interrupted me and assumed I was uneducated. I felt judged and quite disappointed in the lack of patient contact."

"I'm very pleased with all of the care, time, and empathetic understanding of how I felt. Keep up the good work!"

"Dr. Nachbar is one of the most professional and dedicated doctors I've ever seen. I not only feel well cared for but also respected as a person. As you know Plastic Surgery is a very tough, scary choice. Your entire staff has understood this and shows it through unconditional positive regard. I've never felt unduly patronized nor rushed in my questions. Very few Doctors take the time to listen. Thank you for helping me."

"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my breast reduction surgery. It has been over a year since the operation and I have never regretted making the decision to have the surgery. You and your staff have all been great and I would recommend this type of surgery to anyone who is considering it, it will change your life!" (Sent by email)

"Dr. Nachbar had the time to talk to me. A lot of other Doctors were really busy, and did not take the time for me to ask questions when needed."

"[I chose Dr. Nachbar because of] Dr. Nachbar's experience & the way he treats his patients and his staff. My relationship with his staff was a big factor also. They are all wonderful & very easy to work with."

"Your staff is the greatest!"

"I was pleased with the information I received and the way I was treated at my initial consultation. I didn't feel it necessary to visit another surgeon."

"I am extremely pleased with my results"

"Dr. Nachbar is very professional, kind & caring. He made me feel comfortable."

"Keep up the great work!"

"I had in the past consulted with others, but on [my sister's] referral, I wanted Dr. Nachbar!"

"Thank you all so much, you are all just outstanding!"


"It meant a great deal to me that Dr. N called me several times following surgery to touch base. It was a comfort knowing that he cared & was accessible to my husband and myself. Thank you."

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